Era School History


ERA history at a glance

Many years before ERA there was another alternative school close to our Donvale site. Read the recollections of a Koornong student.

Many years after Era, a bit of Era lives on at Village School.

Speech by Clive Rossiter at the Era 40 year reunion on November 26th 2011. (Contains lots of historical stuff!)

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Plays, Erafests, Ollie's Orgies, the invention of Smangle, schools camps, travelling shows, student trials, Footy matches against Tenaden, teacher sackings, 'Dove' stripping naked... all the good stuff.

Year Events
  • Oct 31st: A meeting is organised by the Preshil group and World Education Fellowship to discuss the creation of a secondary school to complement Preshil.
  • A provisional council/steering committee of the proposed 'Education Reform Association' is formed, chaired by prominent educationist David Fearon.
  • Formal inauguration of the Education Reform Association occurs, and a glossy prospectus for the proposed school is produced.
  • Principal-elect William Callendar (from Caulfield Grammar) baulks at the 11th hour and is replaced by David Bennett as the first Era Principal.
  • Construction of the permanent school on 13 acres in Donvale commences, with regular working bees to remove blackberries, etc.
  • October 27th: Preshil withdraws official support and initiates plans to start its own secondary school.
  • This is the year of Woodstock in the US.
  • Era school opens at temporary premises, the 'White House' in Warrandyte, with 89 students (in forms 1 and 2 only) and 6 staff members.
  • September 19th: An official Era opening ceremony with ribbon cutting is held at the Donvale site.
  • Era moves to the permanent site in Donvale.
  • David Bennett resigns under duress after a disagreement with Council and Peter Fawssett is appointed Acting Principal.
  • Tom Deamer is appointed Principal by council.
  • A.S. Neill, founder of Summerhill, dies.
  • Tom Deamer is controversially sacked.
  • Clive Rossiter is appointed as Acting Principal.
  • The first wave of students complete their HSC.
  • Era Primary school is established.
  • Clive Rossiter is appointed as Principal.
  • The last wave of Era students complete their HSC.
  • Clive Rossiter retires and is Era's longest serving Principal.
  • Peter Gough is appointed as Principal.
  • New enrolments are only taken up to year 10 and only one student, Eve Merton, does HSC.
  • Enrolments are again only taken up to year 10.
  • The school is finally closed in April due to a financial crisis triggered by a 'second mortgage' deal falling through.




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